Nudes in the Landscape I

Nudes in the Landscape II

Nudes in the Landscape III

Underwater Nudes

Romanesque Churches

Black and White Night Photography
Boston Big Dig Night Photography

Color Night Photography I

Color Night Photography II

Color Night Photography III

Bodie Ghost Town I

Bodie Ghost Town II

In loving memory of Chikako Atsuta

About this site

This site features a collection of my photographs. Although I tend to photograph whatever interesting scene happens to be in front of my camera, I have chosen to display on this site mostly nude images as well as night and architecture photographs.

I am mainly a fine-art photographer selling prints, but I do sometimes work on residential or industrial photography assignments, formal and environmental portraiture or cover events. Please click on Commercial for more information on these services.


NEWS: I am currently preparing my move to Cork, after almost 20 years spent in Boston. I am planning to have a big OPEN STUDIO before the end of the year. Please stay tuned for more info ....

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