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Gallery Notes

All these images were taken at night on negative film with a 4x5 view camera. They are available in limited edition chromogenic prints (contact me for pricing) or archival inkjet prints (click to view the price list).

I started photographing the demolition of Boston's old Central Artery in January 2004 for the same reason one takes advantage of a limited time offer: without REALLY wanting it, but because I was afraid I would regret not having done so once it was gone. Besides, I always thought that walking on a highway without cars would be fun. I did not think that this project would become such an obsession for me. But what was supposed to be a few hours documenting the demolition of the old artery turned out to be countless nights recording the demise of what slowly became a close acquaintance. To my surprise, during the five, ten, sometimes forty minutes of each exposure, I bonded with the old bridge much in the same way I feel connected to the churches I photograph. I started to connect with the strangers who once drove where I was standing. I imagined their lives, where from and where to they were driving. When, time and time again, I tried to revisit a place, only to discover that the steel and concrete structure I had photographed the night before was all but gone, I was coming to terms with my own mortality ...

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